May 26, 2024

DItch the Itch Service Report

The Board has contracted with Ditch the Itch for annual inspection and treatment for Poison Ivy and other invasive species.

Attached to this announcement, you will find a detailed summary of their most recent work.

The report includes location of treatments and type of treatment used.

"Overall, we still have a substantial reduction in comparison from the first treatment we performed in
2022, and the maintenance performed in 2023.
This year, throughout the wood line perimeter section, we witnessed numerous baby buckthorn
seedlings germinating. These areas had more mature trees that were killed previously. These mature
trees dying, caused additional sunlight to hit the soil and cause a very large germination of seeds.
There were thousands of very small 1-3" buckthorn trees found around the entire neighborhood.
Eliminating those will have a great impact on the future buckthorn populations.

Poison ivy was found throughout the wood line perimeter. These plants were very few and far between
throughout. We also found some poison ivy in the units landscaping. Please see the attached photos
of this report to see where the plants where found specifically."

Ditch the Itch Auburn Grove Service Report May 2026